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Stuffel Mini Scoops Gold!

If there was a masterclass in how to blend fun parenting ideas with great style, it is the team at Junior Magazine Online who would be running the show. Their Junior Design Awards are highly esteemed, so we were thrilled that Stuffel Mini scooped Gold for Best Travel Product for Children.

Our motivation for creating the Stuffel Mini was our own little Stuffelers, who love adventures as much as their mums. One summer we had prototypes made up and Suzie & I headed to Costa Rica & Sri Lanka respectively - irresponsibly skipping great chunks of school, but showing our kids parts of the world we hoped would open their eyes. Lucky young mites.

And the Stuffel Mini samples were a hit! Keeping precious toys from home safe as we hopped from planes to boats to trains; entertaining travel-weary kids at cafe tables and on hotel beds; proving that play doesn't need to be screen-based when you are on-the-go.

We are huge advocates of travelling far & wide with kids in tow, but know that exploring with little people brings challenges: they will have their own packing list and will need entertaining between tours of cultural wonders or at café tables; you may have to create an impromptu playroom in the airport lounge or back of the car whilst sorting tickets or popping up the tent.

Stuffel Mini allows you to take toys where you wouldn’t normally dare – no more frantic searching down the sides of seats for that crucial lost piece! And no more resentful resorting to screen-time. Which all means a more relaxing, enjoyable trip for everyone. And of course - because we know the best adventures get a little mucky – they are machine-washable. Thank Stuffel for that.

We are so happy to have received this award, and really hope the exposure helps more readers of Junior Magazine stay sane - at home or on safari! Many thanks @juniormagazineonline!

We won't quote the judges here as they make us blush.

Oh go on then, we might. xx


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