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Take a look at what people are saying about Stuffel...

Stuffel is so convenient and perfect for toys like Lego, Duplo or Playmobil. Anything you have a lot of really!

We’re so happy with our Stuffel bags — they’re so practical, save lots of time every single day, are fun to use and look very stylish too.


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This is such a clever invention.  We have used our Stuffel so much - It even came with us on a short break to Cornwall, allowing us to bring a full train set with us!

It's so well made, I think it's terrific value as it will last for many years. It is big enough for several children to play around together. We will definitely need more of these as time goes on!


I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone with children.

Jason - Mumii Award Consumer Tester


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Do you have a Lego obsessed child? [Stuffel] allows easy rummaging through all the different pieces, which is the best part about playing with Lego, really. When it all has to be tidied away, just tie the string and hang the bag on a hook. 

The more children, the more tidying up — so whatever makes the process faster and easier is fantastic.


With Lego I am adamant all of the pieces are stored away properly. If you have ever stepped on a little piece of Lego with your bare feet in the morning, you know what I’m talking about!

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Wow! This is such a simple but clever idea.
For toddlers who love little toys, Duplo, Mega Bloks, etc, you can keep the collections together. They can play with the toys in the bag (like a play mat) and then easily round them all up in seconds and off you go.
Great material, easy way to store toys or taken them with you. We have nicknamed it the swag bag. Feel very pleased to have discovered it.
Very impressed - would definitely recommend.

Alison - Mumii Consumer Tester


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My son adores trains and has a large collection which he likes to spread all over the floor. The Stuffel [large] is big enough to accommodate a fairly large track and he even incorporates it into his game. When it comes to tidy-up-time we pull the drawstring together - he can now tidy so quickly!

The craftsmanship is of the highest standard. The cord, eyelets and sewing are top quality. It is definitely built to last.

This is a must-have for parents. Easy tidying up and storage and it also to prevents his baby brother from 'eating' his small blocks by pulling the drawstring and relocating!

The fact that this product was designed and made in Britain shows in the overall quality and functionality.

Penny - Mumii Consumer Tester


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