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We'd love to hear about your Stuffel adventures.

Send us your photos and we'll feature our favourites here

Stuffel Hippo
Lego Storage Bag
Theo wears: Toucan Large
Model wears: Toucan Mini
Ghent - Macaw Mini
Marlin, Ladybird & Fox Mini
Ladybird Large
Peppa Pig World: Macaw Mini
Marlin Mini
The Hamptons: Rhino Large
Costa Rica: Macaw Mini
Provence: Guppy Large
Sri Lanka: Ladybird Mini
Sri Lanka: Stuffel Mini
Mini Stuffel Toy Storage
Toucan Mini
Frog Large
Pre-and Post Stuffel
Flamingo Large
Great Fancy Dress Storage
Playing Together
Not for babycarrying!
Macaw Large
Salomon, Sorel & Stuffel
Flamingo Large
Playmat and toy storage bag
Fancy Dress
Lego Friends
Stuffel Dad
Stuffel Boys
Stuffel Tweens
Search and Rescue
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