Bags of Inspiration



We are so lucky to have a bright bunch of textile goddesses  manufacturing Stuffel bags from their factory in a Staffordshire valley. 


It is these wonderful ladies who measure, sew, tuck, cut & check each bag by hand to ensure that you get a durable bag of the very best quality. 


Thank you Norma & Team!   

Bags of Experience

Stuffel bags are brought to you by people who recognise the importance of play, but understand the frustrations of tidying. 


Suzie & Nicci are two mums whose daily grind improved immeasurably when they discovered a way of encouraging kids to play well together, for longer, combined with a way to tidy faster: a playmat/draw bag that had been marketed back in the 70s, and was now in need of a makeover.


They are sisters with 8 kids between them, and lovers of play but generally not fans of clearing up!

They are delighted that their kids can rummage for hours, their carpets are Lego-free and they get to share the Stuffel way with you all. 

Suzie & Nicci from left, with siblings Juls & Andy