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Sending Out an SOS

It's been an age since our last blog post, but we want to tell as many different people as possible about SOS Children's Villages, who we are supporting throughout April & May.

We are in awe of the charity SOS Children's Villages, who take care of the world's most vulnerable children amid humanitarian crises caused by war or natural disasters: when children across the world are left vulnerable by the loss of one or both of their parents, and / or their homes, SOS offers a safe and nurturing family-like environment.

They operate in Gaza, where our news-feeds are currently focussed, but also in Israel & the West Bank; also in Ukraine, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chile & Haiti ... the list goes on. They are a truly global charity - operating 559 of their 'villages' across over 130 countries.

There is too much to write here - their work ranges from distributing emergency aid, food & medicine to establishing safe bases for children to stay in long-term, ensuring they have access to everything from schooling to psychological help. The ethos is that whilst they may be the first to respond in an emergency, they will then stay, helping to rebuild lives, because they recognise that children deserve more than just survival.

Our mum, Mary, has supported SOS for years - a whole other story, but she ran the marathon wearing an SOS shirt when she was a sprightly young thing of 60 - but also taking pens & t-shirts out to the villages and meeting the brilliant staff and sweet kids on the ground. She always came back with the widest grin and most inspiring stories from these adventures.

We love what SOS Children do, and want to help in our own small way.

For each bag sold through April & May Stuffel is donating £5 to this wonderful charity.

Thank you all you do SOS, and thank you for your support, Stuffelers. xx


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