2 Sizes,

8 Glorious Colours

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Each Stuffel is lovingly made by hand in the heart of Staffordshire. The fabric is a durable 100% cotton canvas which can be machine washed.


They come in 8 gorgeous colours and are available in two sizes:


Large: The original Stuffel, the Large is great for holding a tonne of small toys and can be spread out wide on the floor to allow maximum rummage! At 100 cm diameter, it’s big enough for several children to play around together and can be scooped up quickly to store.


Mini: The Mini is perfect for taking out and about. We love it as it means we can now take toys with small pieces out to places we wouldn’t normally dare! The high sides keep little bits contained while its generous 42cm diameter is still very roomy. Great for park benches, café floors and even aeroplane tables!


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