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Play, rummage, build for hours - then scoop up & store in seconds with Stuffel.


Award-winning storage bags for those who understand the importance of play and the frustrations of tidying. 

And they're made right here in the UK

Small Lego Bag Stuffel Mini
We are so lucky to have a bright bunch of textile goddesses manufacturing Stuffel bags in the heart of a Staffordshire valley
Stuffel Lego Bag
A high number of customers repurchase Stuffels 

Find out why HERE
Large Toy Bag
Stuffel bags come in two sizes: 
Large, to store that vast stash of Lego in the playroom. And Mini, which fits under the buggy and on cafe tables for playing on-the-go
Ideal for toys with small pieces like Lego, Playmobil & Duplo
A high rim keeps pieces contained so kids can rummage to their heart's content
Big Lego Bag
We are committed to making a difference where we can

Too few of the world's children have access to the things they need, so sometimes you'll find us donating to great charities on your behalf
Hooks for playroom
Keep those floors clear! Store your Stuffel on one of our chunky hooks

Check out our instagram feed. We love to feature your photos. Do keep posting them and tag us @stuffelbags!  

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