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Back to school ... aren't we lucky?

Loading up on stationery supplies, getting new shoes fitted and brushing up on timestables ... if you live in the western world and have young kids, then September is probably all about the return to school.

The long, sunny holidays are over and now it is time to knuckle down for the start of term.

The education itself - well-trained teachers, safe buildings, packed libraries and a carefully planned curriculum can all be taken for granted. At Stuffel HQ we concentrate on brushing sand out of hair and trying to reign in the late nights, barely pausing to think about just how lucky our little ones really are.

The youngest of our combined broods, Elliot, started school this year - heading off in shorts that are too big for him and clutching his shiny new book bag.

He is so excited to get going on life and see what adventures life holds; for him these early years of education are the first step.

We know not everyone gets this chance. We also know that we are too little to help everyone. But we like the Mother Teresa quote: If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one.

So. This September we are donating a portion of all Stuffel sales to Sabre Education.

Sabre are a small charity doing great things. Their inspiring gang are designing and building schools in Ghana. Light, bright, safe & functioning buildings that will let many children, over many generations, access their own education.

THEN! Then they are training teachers, really well, as to how best to engage kids and help them learn, remember, grow & create.

And then they are writing curriculum for these well-trained teachers to use, in these well-built schools. To date, almost 30,000 4&5 year olds have benefited from their work. New opportunities opening up for almost 30,000 young kids.

We think that is just awesome.

Thank you Sabre Education for helping to give a brighter future to the children of Ghana.

Thank you Stuffelers for September sales!

10% of all sales will be heading off to Sabre Education . We hope it helps.

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