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Is a Stuffel on your Christmas list?

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... and the messiest! All those shiny new toys needing storage.

We love Christmas at Stuffel HQ, but know that it can be blinking hard work. Trust us, a Stuffel or two will help make it easier. ​


Give a special little someone a large Stuffel bag to house their Lego, and make their Mummy & Daddy smile too.

Or chuck a Stuffel Mini in the stocking: suddenly those lovely new things can come on the visits to grandparents & cousins after all!


Shop before the 10th December & receive free P&P when you buy two or more bags

Just quote 'SPARKLE' at checkout.

Big people play too!

Stuffel aren't just for kids.

Fill them with nail varnishes, haircare clobber, small tools, gloves and socks ... just about anything that needs keeping together.

Happy Christmas shopping!


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